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English Comprehensive Study Book
  • Std. VIII Part I & II (HL)
  • Std. IX Part I & II (HL)
  • Std. X Part I & II (HL)
  • Std. XI (HL)
  • Std. XII (HL)
  • English Work Book Std. VIII (HL) Semester II
English Multiple Choice Questions
  • Std. XI Semester I & II (HL)
  • Std. XII Semester I & II (HL)
Social Science Comprehensive Study Book
  • Std. IX Part I & II
  • Std. X Part I & II
Welcome to Camp Publications
We are an organisation working at imparting learning skills to students by simplifying their course material and helping them to have a good command in their subjects. We have taken the opportunity to solve the problems that dodge students where Grammar is concerned by giving them in depth practice.
Our Products
English Study Book of Writing Skills:
Salient features:
  • Essays
  • E-mails
  • Letter
  • Precise Writing
  • Unseen Comprehension
  • Poem Comprehension
  • Paragraph Writing
  • Notice Writing
  • Note Writing
  • Message Writing
  • Diary Writing
  • Dialogue Writing
  • Report Writing
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